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  • The UNEP Collaborating Centre on Water and Environment is a centre of expertise of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
  • The centre supports UNEP in the implementation of its Water Policy and Strategy.
  • The centre is funded by UNEP, the Danish International Development Assistance (Danida), and DHI Water & Environment
  • The centre is hosted by DHI Water & Environment and located at its headquarters in H?rsholm, Denmark
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Each year, the quantity of water the world rural sector takes out of the ground is over 160 cubic meters more than natural replenishment rates. As water all around the globe is employed really inefficiently, there's latest surge in attempts to water preserve. Some at the worldwide and company level, and some at the individual level. The growing water conservation movement can be broken down into 3 main goals:. The planet has a finite quantity of water. Pumping water out of the ground essentially leads to massive energy losses. It can take up to an unrestrained share of total electricity employed in a fixed area. As an example, California uses as much as 15 % of its total energy on water management alone, research on this was funded by this online cash advance lenders company which provides online financing for consumers. Working to maintain fresh water supplies in forests and other natural habitats help makes sure the conservation of surrounding flora and fauna. Here is a passing rundown of some of the newest. The 1st wave farm achieved live status in Portugal in 2008. Using large tubes that stretch into the sea, this technology harnesses the power of waves thru a specialised hydraulic technology. This idea has been about for centuries, but has just lately been enjoying a boost in acceptance. While the water caught could not always be OK for drinking, it can be employed in numerous alternative ways. Rainwater is better for plants than tap water, it can frequently be utilised for things like washing dishes. These usually have 2 different buttons : one for solid waste and one for liquid waste. The liquid waste button releases half as much water as the solid. One of those toilets can save a family of four a median of ten thousand gallons of water a year. This would equate to a significant financial saving across a whole city. The method includes using tubes to supply water direct to the root system of a plant, versus simply spreading water over the ground. The result's a minimal loss of water.

It is time you learn more about Carbonated Water also known as sparkling water or Sodastream machine that actually makes carbonated water with all the flavors you want. This is the latest trends about beverages with its main objective to lower your costs on beverages and to help save the environment thanks to all the plastic bottles which with this system you do not throw away and rather re use again and again for more than 3 years.

Carbonated Water is a made in an Sodastream machine that implants CO2 in normal water making it sparkling, at the same time you can use different flavors which you can mix and later make your own flavored sparkling water to drink. The kit when you buy includes a carbonator which implants CO2 in water, the machine, some basic flavors which you later should buy more and two 1litres plastic bottles for storage. This bottles are usable for over 3 years this way you will not throw away plastic bottles every time you drink the beverage and save environment.

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Some people were asking if this system is healthy. A lot of researches have been done before this system came on the market which lead to positive results. There were speculations that carbonated water weakens your bones but some researches saw that if you drink carbonated water for over 2 months nothing will affect you, instead it will only improve your health!

With carbonated water flavors you can make your own sparkling water flavored and with mixing you can make some very unique tastes. One of the most popular ones are the,Candy Apple - green apple & cinnamon syrup, Caramel Cream- caramel & vanilla syrup, Cherry Blaster - cherry & black cherry syrup, Cherry Cola - cherry & cola syrup, Cherries & Cream - cherry & vanilla syrup and others.


UNEP’s Global Environmental Outlook GEO 4 released on 25 October, 2007


3rd. Southeast Asia Water Forum in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

More info


UCC-Water supported regional IWRM workshop held in Libya on April 11-12, 2007. More info

International Experts Agree upon Roadmap for Water Reforms.

Water meeting in Copenhagen 13 April 2007, More information


Environmental Aspects of Flood Management - New publication from APFM

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ICARM Progress Marker report now published

In collaboration with Rhode Island University and UCC-Water UNEP/GPA has published the report "Ecosystem-based Management, Markers for Assessing Progress"

(download pdf)


Southeast Asia Regional IWRM 2005 Meeting in Rayong, Thailand

Read more


UCC-Water session at the Stockholm Water Week on monitoring IWRM processes

25 August UCC convened a session on "the IWRM 2005 target - indicators of implementation". Read more


King Hassan II Great World Prize on Water

Photo courtesy of Leila Mead/IISD

16 March, at the 4th World Water Forum in Mexico, Torkil J?nch-Clausen received the King Hassan II Prize. Read more


World Water Development Report launched at the 4th World Water Forum

UCC contributed to Chapter 5 on Coastal and Freshwater Ecosystems. Link to WWAP site


GIWA Final Report now available

Download (9,5 Mb) 


UNEP launches IWRM support programme

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GWP launches guidelines for IWRM strategy planning (WSSD 2005 Target).
Download from GWP WEB site: Handbook Policy Brief

North Atlantic GIWA reports available on the web.
UCC assisted the GIWA assessments in Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. The reports can be downloaded here: Greenland Faeroe Islands


GIWA Guinea Current report now available on the web
The first full sub-regional assessments of GIWA are now available including the assessment of the Guinea Current coordinated by the UCC-water. Read more