A partnership on linking Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

Permanent Commission for South Pacific and UNEP convene workshop on Integrated Coastal and River Basin Management in the South East Pacific

On January 26-29, 2004, representatives from the five countries along the South East Pacific met in Lima, Peru. The workshop was jointly convened by CPPS and UNEP and has as main objective to sharing lessons learned on the status of the ICARM approach in the South East Pacific. The workshop made recommendations based on national ICARM cases and identified possible pilot projects in the region. Also, the workshop shared knowledge the international initiatives for collaboration and information exchange on ICARM approach and identified mechanisms in which the South East Pacific Action Plan (CPPS) and UNEP could provide and support the framework for regional cooperation and developing strategies for ICARM.

Specific proposals for pilot project were identified for the Bio-Bio river in Chile, the Callao region in Peru, the Chone estuary in Equador, the Guapi-Iscuande coastal zone in Colombia and the Bay of Panama in Panama. Brief workshop report and presentations of case-stories are found under Documents in FreshCo Forum.

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ICARM session at 1st Southeast Asian Water Forum in Chiang Mai,  Thailand

November 17-21, the Global Water Partnership and the Royal Thai Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment convened the 1st. Southeast Asian Water Forum in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Participants were predominantly from the ASEAN region and FreshCo and UNEP joined the organisation by convening a special session on linking of ICZM and IWRM. Read more

ICARM workshop in Chennai, India

UNEP workshop on Integrated Coastal Area and River-basin Management (ICARM) for the South Asian Seas Region 7-10 April 2003. Read more

Session on ICARM at the 3rd World Water Forum.

UNEP/GPA and UCC-Water  convened a session titled "Freshwater and Coast - a missing link in Integrated Water Management" at the 3RD WORLD WATER FORUM in Kyoto. The session took place 18 March 2003. Read more

FreshCo Workshop held in Songkhla, Thailand

After the launch in August 2002 and the first consoldating meeting of the Partnership in November 2002, a first technical workshop on "Linking Management of Catchment and Coastal Ecosystems" has been held 27-30 January 2003. The workshop was jointly convened by the Royal Thai Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand and UNEP/FreshCo.

About 50 representatives of the partner group and invitees discussed lessons learned on management of freshwater/costal issues based on presentations of case stories from a number of countries. Moreover, potential new demonstration projects were presented. The outcome of the workshop contributed to the 3rd World Water Forum through a session under the Water, Nature, and Environment Theme (see above). Preparatory documents including case stories and project proposals can be found under "Documents". Read the workshop report


Launch of the new partnership

31 August 2002 the new partnership initiative on linking Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and Integrated Coa-stal Zone Management (ICZM) was laun-ched  by the UCC-Water in collaboration with UNEP/GPA. The launch took place in the Water Dome under the World Summit on Sustainable Development (WSSD) in Johannesburg.



The partnership initiative (submitted as a WSSD Type II proposal) focuses on provi-ding management options for solving problems originating from the inter-relation between human activities in the river basins and those in the coastal zone. The partnership will identify and structure good practises and experiences at the policy/legal, the institutional, and the technical level, through pilot projects and contributions from the partners and stake-holders. Moreover, it will disseminate the results to relevant decision-makers and stakeholders through channels such as the 3rd World Water Forum and the con-struction of a public Internet based ToolBox - the latter in collaboration with the IWRM ToolBox of the Global Water Partnership (GWP).

About 20 initial partners have expressed their interest in the partnership comprising UN agencies, intergovernmental insti-tutions, governments, NGOs, and inter-national water institutes.














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