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Indicator seminar at the Stockholm Water Week 2006 - Friday 25 August, 13:30-17:00, Folkets Hus, Room 307

A survey in 2005 of 95 countries undertaken by GWP showed that IWRM plans are in place or under preparation in many countries While the IWRM planning process is important, it is the actual implementation of the plans that counts: new policies and laws, reforming the institutions at the central and decentralised level, building the human capacities and taking action at the local level. In 2008 all countries will be requested by UN to report on IWRM planning as well as implementation to CSD 16.

The meeting presented a monitoring hierarchy to monitor the progress on reforms on i) policies and legislation ii) institutional reforms iii) impacts on the ground including links to the Millennium Development Goals and iv) sustainability of the reform process. Examples from West Africa, Central Asia and monitoring of institutional reform processes in 23 countries illustrated the use of this monitoring approach and how the results have supported decision making. To support the development of the report on IWRM planning and implementation to CSD 16, UN Water will develop a limited number of indicators and will engage key players on IWRM in this process.

The discussion highlighted the need to monitor progress on water management reforms and plans at the global, national and local level and that each level needed its own monitoring and indicators for its specific purpose. At the global level some standardisation of indicators is needed, while the national and local level may develop indicators according to specific needs. The conclusion was that at the global level we should aim at simple, however reliable indicators and that we should build on the progress and experiences already gained and the work initiated by UN-Water to develop the first set of IWRM indicators to be used to report to CSD-16 in 2008.



Programme of the seminar




Presentation of the global progress towards IWRM 2005 Target and the challenges in monitoring the progress and reporting to CSD. Niels Ipsen,UCC-Water. Download presentation


Indicators of IWRM implementation


- In Central Asia, with focus on the development and implementation of IWRM policies and laws. Vadim Sokolov, GWP CACENA. Download presentation


- In West Africa, with focus on the progress in the institutional reform processes and development of human capacities. Rui Silva,ECOWAS. Download presentation


Development of indicators of IWRM implementation- short introductory presentations followed by Panel Discussion.


- Monitoring and  implementation of IWRM –examples of donor assistance Senior Advisor, Jan Møller Hansen, Danida. Download presentation


-  Report from the UN Water Meeting on Monitoring held  21 August in Stockholm, Jean Marc Faurés, FAO


- Targeting, monitoring and reporting activities in the water sector, Daniel Zimmer, World Water Council


- Monitoring and indicators of  progress of institutional reforms towards IWRM,  Palle Lindgaard-Jørgensen, UCC. Download presentation


Panel Discussion: Indicators of IWRM implementation- the way forward.


Closure of Seminar