UNEP support for achieving the IWRM 2005 target "accelerating the process"


The immediate objective of the UNEP programme is:

Acceleration of the implementation of the IWRM 2005 target ensuring that environmental aspects are adequately incorporated in the strategies/roadmaps produced to achieve this target”

In order to meet this objective, UNEP has taken the point of departure in the established sub-regional networks and IWRM related activities in Africa, Asia and South America.

The results expected to be achieved in cooperation with appropriate partners, include:

  • Networks supported. Sub-regional networks relative to environmental aspects of the IWRM 2005 planning process and the general IWRM process established and/or supported;
  • Work plans and road maps/strategies prepared. Sub-regional work plans addressing the environmental aspects of the IWRM 2005 target prepared. Such work plans and road maps will also be prepared at the national level where governments have articulated a particular need.
  • Guidelines. Generic and sub-regional guidelines for the environmental component of the IWRM 2005 planning process;
  • Capacity enhanced. Provide, on specific request from countries and basins, technology support and capacity-building to national governments and other stakeholders in their IWRM planning activities, and
  • Progress tracked and reported. The sub-regional IWRM progress tracked and progress reported in general and in the field of Water and Nature. Results presented for international fora, for instance at the 4 th World Water Forum in Mexico 2006. IWRM indicator systems and methodologies for their application will be part of the results.


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